SecureTier™: Managing and finding public certificates has never been this simple.

Another standard feature of all SecureMail Gateway appliances is their connection to SecureTier, GlobalCerts’ global digital certificate management system. SecureTier is a global, public, scalable X.509 certificate management backbone that provides centrally managed access to public keys, trust levels, and audit information for all users and appliances in the network. SecureTier enables inter-organizational secure messaging capabilities with no additional effort or overhead.

The biggest hurdle to using public keys to encrypt email is discovering and managing public key certificates for all recipients of email messages. It has been a major obstacle for adoption of email encryption systems, and GlobalCerts has created SecureTier specifically to overcome this obstruction.

SecureTier leverages DNS technology – the same technology that resolves domain names to IP addresses – to provide a global public certificate discovery and retrieval system. SecureTier enables public key certificates to be found quickly and easily, based on the Internet email address of the recipient. No other technology is as fast, as scalable or as robust.

Because SecureTier is so fast and scalable, SecureMail Gateway appliances look for public certificates for all recipients of all messages all the time. This is a unique benefit that only GlobalCerts can offer.

No other key distribution and discovery system is as efficient as GlobalCerts’ SecureTier.

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