Features and Benefits at a Glance

Features                                                                       Benefits
S/MIME Compliant Ensures privacy with strong encryption, ensures confidentiality with symmetric key exchange, ensures integrity with a hash function and, also, ensures non-repudiation
Transparent operation and key management

No administrator actions required

Minimal IT support which allows your IT organization to concentrate on more pressing issues

Users use their existing email clients

Easy to use with no user training required

No client software to load on each individual workstation

Encryption and decryption performed
at the gateway
Enables anti-virus and content filtering functions where they work best – near the firewall
Works with existing anti-virus and content filtering devices already existing in your network

Allows you to preserve investments in existing email infrastructure

Simple and inexpensive to deploy

Support for both S/MIME and SSL Securely communicate with anyone who has an email address
Automatic encryption and decryption Simple and seamless
Each user has their own X.509 certificate Allows for end user digital signatures
Can be deployed with content triggered encryption Failsafe method for unsophisticated users
Delivery tracking Allows organizational compliance
Uses the GlobalCerts SecureTierTM certificate management infrastructure
Provides secure inter-organizational communication capability and solves the scalability and management issues that have plagued PKI

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