SMG2: Simply Secure Email

Who’s Minding the Data?

When millions of new “no-swipe” credit cards were issued earlier this year, security pundits had a field day pointing out the obvious security shortcomings of transmitting credit card holders’ account data over radio waves in unencrypted, clear text.  Worse yet, an article in the New York Times described how easily this data could be “skimmed” through clothing and wallets, and later stored using relatively simple technology available at any computer outlet for less than $150.

And yet, of the estimated 84 billion emails being sent daily worldwide, the percentage that is appropriately protected with encryption technology is practically negligible.  

Where’s a security pundit when you need one?

Emerging data privacy legislation is finally catching up to the pace of technical innovation, however. As organizations realize the operational efficiency of leveraging email to process mortgage applications, tax filing statements, or health records, a new degree of accountability is expected of any corporate or government entity that routinely handles or transmits legally protected, confidential data in a digitized format over the internet.

But email security solutions are notorious for being considered difficult to deploy and manage – This is no longer the case with the GlobalCerts SecureMail Gateway solution.

The GlobalCerts SMG2 is a simple, all-in-one email protection solution on steroids!

  • Secure inbound and outbound email from viruses, spam, and unprotected critical content
  • Simple, purpose-built appliance solution
  • Failsafe content inspection mechanism for encrypting sensitive outbound emails
  • Scalable enterprise architecture

A Security Solution for Every Environment

Powerful Anti-Spam Module scans messages using a pre-categorized database of spam and junk mail content. The anti-spam agent will automatically filter out inappropriate message content such as unwanted solicitations, chain letters, joke lists, and humorous images.

Integrated Anti-Virus Module provides security protection from email-borne viruses and worms. The anti-virus agent will automatically scan messages against the current virus signature database, allowing the email to be handled accordingly. Messages can be cleaned and delivered, or quarantined depending on corporate email security policies. Automated updates ensure timely protection from the latest outbreaks.

Outbound Content Inspection Policy Enforcement of email messages makes it possible to filter the message body and attachments for specific content. The powerful rules-based policy engine lets you manage and act on emails according to defined Boolean logic rules and 16 category dictionaries in ten languages.  

Secure, Encrypted Delivery to Any Recipient with powerful encryption technology that facilitates secure communications with anyone – whether they have digital encryption keys or not!

Standards-based S/MIME encryption technology gives end-users the power of authenticated, digitally signed email.  

The GlobalCerts SMG2 is the Best Defense

Automated content rules can protect you from inbound and outbound security risks. The GlobalCerts RiskFilter Module comes with an easy to use Policy Manager with preconfigured content rules and lexicon dictionaries that simplify the set up process of sophisticated inspection parameters.

The categories of risk are easily identifiable, and provide extensive coverage for protection against

  • Viruses, Blended Threats or Malware
  • Legal Liability surrounding Data Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Lost Corporate Assets or Intellectual Property
  • Lost Productivity of IT Resources or End Users

The Dictionary Manager contains 16 dictionaries, each available in ten languages. Each dictionary contains predefined rule sets already weighted according to industry specific compliance concerns and threat categories.

The user interface is designed for drag and drop simplicity and flexibility — allowing for unlimited custom rules additions or modifications, notifications, and message handling options

A robust reporting feature provides you with all the information you need regarding the origin of email sent and which email triggered specific policies. Flexible reporting options are available for running reports and graphs on specific email types or time periods

To learn more about the GlobalCerts™ SecureMail Gateway™, call (855)614-CERT.

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