Simply Secure Email

A Powerful, Standards-Based, Scalable, Secure Messaging Solution.

With the passing of prevailing, global legislation, organizations are under increasing scrutiny to adhere to government regulations and other compliance requirements safeguarding the privacy of citizens, patients, customers and employees to protect their personal data. Email encryption and privacy is a requirement for organizations across all lines of business and across all continents. The SecureMail Gateway solution provides unique options guaranteed to meet the needs of your organization.

Email security solutions are notorious for being difficult to deploy and manage. This is not the case with the SecureMail Gateway Solution provided by GlobalCerts. With the SecureMail Gateway solution, encrypted messages can be delivered to recipients regardless of their capabilities and without the installation of additional software, and the system automatically determines when and how to encrypt messages.

  • Communicate securely with anyone who has an email address - even recipients without keys
  • No client software to load on each workstation
  • Failsafe mechanism for unsophisticated end users
  • Scalable enterprise architecture
  • Works with existing anti-virus, anti-spam and content filtering devices on your network
  • Standards-based to integrate with existing email environments
  • Seamless certificate management
  • Simple to administrate
  • Users continue using their existing email and S/MIME encryption is 100% transparent
  • Simply the best secure email solution available

An Encryption Solution for Every Environment

Simply and transparently send S/MIME encrypted messages to any other user of a SecureMail Gateway worldwide using GlobalCerts state-of-the-art SecureTier infrastructure.

Facilitates secure communications with recipients who have certificate support in their email client by seamlessly harvesting their public keys.

Secure Delivery Using SecureMessenger
Do not know anything about a recipient except their email address, but want to send them a secure, encrypted message? No problem. Every SecureMail Gateway includes SecureMessenger, GlobalCerts secure, web-based message delivery component. Recipients can receive, read and reply securely without the need for plug-ins.

The GlobalCerts SecureMail Gateway Solution

The GlobalCerts SecureMail Gateway Solution is composed of the SecureMail Gateway, supported by the SecureTier Certificate Management Infrastructure and SecureMessenger. The SecureMail Solution is a purpose-built, hardened appliance that interoperates seamlessly within your standards compliant email system.

The GlobalCerts SecureMail Gateway Solution automatically determines how to encrypt messages depending on the Recipient’s capabilities.

  1. Send a SecureMessenger message to ANY recipient
  2. All you need is for the recipient to have an email address and a browser. The SMG stores the message that is being sent encrypted and the recipient retrieves the message using a secured SSL web connection.

  3. Send secure, encrypted messages seamlessly to anyone with a Certificate
  4. No end user action needed. No browser required for the recipient. Seamlessly send and receive secure messages via S/MIME encryption. The recipient has obtained a certificate from a commercial Certificate Authority(CA) and wants to exchange secure, encrypted email with you and other member of your organization. The external user need only send a signed message to you or someone in your organization. As the email passes through the SMG, the SMG harvests the public key, placing it in a harvest list and associates the public key with the external user's email address. The email continues to the inbox of the internal SMG user. All future messages will be secure and encrypted transparently using S/MIME.

  5. Send secure, encrypted messages to a recipient that has a GlobalCerts account
  6. No end user action required. No browser needed. Seamlessly send and receive secure, encrypted messages through your existing email application. The recipient’s organization also has a SMG. The recipient’s public key is published in SecureTier. The sender sends an email to the recipient. The sender’s SMG queries SecureTier for the public key associated with the recipient. The query returns the public public key of the recipient and the email is sent encrypted with no user intervention required.

To learn more about the GlobalCerts™ SecureMail Gateway™, call (855)614-CERT.

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