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Most organizations spend significant resources establishing strong perimeter defenses around their information assets, but then send that same sensitive information out onto the Internet, unprotected, every day. Unsecured email is a significant information privacy and security threat to you and your clients. Unsecured email may lead to lawsuit or industrial espionage; not mentioning the unauthorized release of information. The threat to private information is so serious that states have begun passing stringent privacy and security laws designed to safeguard citizens' private electronic information.

GlobalCerts, LC SMG2 suite of email encryption solutions integrates seamlessly into IT infrastructures. Capital commitments are low, implementation costs are small, and end users require little, if any training. Your clients continue to use email as they always have, but they can now send securely to any or all recipients, with no new systems or processes to learn.

Resellers will not need to hire additional support staff and is very easy for system administrators to manage. GlobalCerts offers sales and technical support to resellers, including training and support of sales activities with a dedicated sales-support team.

Contact us today to learn more about GlobalCerts, LC suite of solutions and how you can become a reseller. We have a solution for any situation!

  • GlobalCerts appliances: SMG2E and CS series (encryption or complete solution).
  • GlobalCerts virtual: SMG2 V™ (downloadable to your VMware-ready server).
  • GlobalCerts managed services: connect to our Fast and Secure™ network.
  • GlobalCerts for SoHo: NanoSMG2

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GlobalCerts™ Technology Partners

GlobalCerts™ offers a complete email security solution to its clients based on "best-of-breed" applications (i.e. anti-spam, content filtering, etc.) working in close harmony with its patented email encryption system.

We are constantly evaluating for our clients the best applications available on the market. Should you believe we need to know your company better, please click here.