Roland S. Gerard

Chairman & CEO

Message from the CEO of GlobalCerts™

Since I joined GlobalCerts™ in 2002, it has been my goal to lead a team of exemplary design engineers and support specialists in providing our clients with the highest quality communications security products and support them to their utmost satisfaction. My ultimate objective is to make GlobalCerts a 'boutique' security firm offering 'Swiss-quality' partnership (products, support and adaptation to their needs) to our clients. What we don't offer in size (we are not Cisco or IBM), we offer in care.

GlobalCerts™ has drawn on its profound understanding of the technology to provide a simplified email encryption solution. The best security is the invisible security. No longer will you or the end-users need to navigate the enigmatic directions of the technical conglomerates.

We have developed the SecureMail™ Gateway (SMG) using industry security standards and designed the solution to be as transparent as possible to end-users and IT personnel alike. The SecureMail™ Gateway does not require the installation of any software on the sender's or recipient's desktop; it can be installed remotely in less than one hour.

I have spent the last 30 years dedicating my life to the success and satisfaction of my clients and employees. As a result, our clients have direct access to focused employees who are empowered to support our clients with clear and precise information.

Security is also an investment. GlobalCerts™ ensures your Return On Investment (ROI) remains high. We see our client base as a living partnership. We regularly streamline our offerings, we design our products in such a way your encryption keys and SecureTier network can be used in new and future applications, we constantly strive to add new features resulting in cost savings for you, and we remain cognizant of our environment by thinking 'green' when we offer new applications or processes.

GlobalCerts' SecureMail™ Gateway clients are state and local government agencies, healthcare providers, financial institutions and business enterprises.

I invite you to view our website and to contact us with your questions.

We have simple answers.