GlobalCerts -- the simple, secure solution.

Email is the preferred business communication channel between partners, patients, customers, employees, business associates, government agencies and providers. It is increasingly affecting the way organizations gather, manage and communicate information, including communicating private information. Email has many advantages over other methods of communication by expediting turnaround time and substantially reducing the cost of document handling for an organization (including the use of expensive physical document delivery companies).

Today, organizations have to comply with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and European Union Privacy Laws. Substantial fines, business disruption, and civil liability are a few of the consequences that corporate, financial, healthcare and government organizations face when accused of mishandling sensitive data.

GlobalCerts -- the simple, secure solution for compliance.

The GlobalCerts SecureMail Gateway solution empowers organizations with the ability to comply
with global communication legislation (including HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, etc.) by enabling organizations with the power to send and receive secure emails with partners, patients, customers, and employees simply and transparently.

Traditionally, email security solutions have been notorious for being difficult to deploy and manage. In contrast, the SecureMail Gateway Solution provided by GlobalCerts removes the impediments to deploying a scalable email security and encryption solution that is simple for both users and administrators.

The SecureMail Gateway solution allows users to send encrypted messages to any recipient
regardless of their capabilities and without the installation of additional software. It automatically determines when and how to encrypt messages depending on the recipient’s capabilities.

Our goal at GlobalCerts is simplicity.

The SMG is a network appliance that encrypts and decrypts email messages at the mail-server
network level. The SMG is designed to be unobtrusive and extremely easy-to-use:

System administrators do not install, configure, or manage any end user software;
Email addresses remain the same, as does collaboration groupware usage;
There are no public key management activities – all public key lookups, retrievals, and storage occur automatically and transparently to the end user and the administrator;
Each SecureMail Gateway functions as a standalone network appliance designed for maximum speed, efficiency, stability, and ease-of-deployment; plus
All existing and planned server-based email services function normally with the solution, including message archiving, content scanning or filtering, anti-virus, and anti-spam.

Plug and Play Simplicity

The GlobalCerts SecureMail Gateway is a turn-key email security solution. Designed as a dedicated network appliance, the SecureMail Gateway installs in the data center with "plug and play" simplicity. Your organization will be up and running in just a few hours. It's that simple.

The GlobalCerts SecureMail Gateway Solution automatically determines how to encrypt messages depending on the recipient's capabilities. Click here to learn more.

The SecureMail Gateway solution is comprised of the following components:

Gateway Component
      Function                           Description
S/MIME Email Security™ S/MIME Compliant Email

S/MIME compliant secure email with automatic encryption and decryption. No user action required. S/MIME is transparent to end users and is ideal for inter-organizational communication or between trusted partners.

SecureMessenger™ Universal Secure Delivery Using SSL

Enables users to send encrypted, digitally signed email messages to—and receive encrypted, digitally signed messages from—any external recipient on the Internet (especially users for whom no certificate is known, and no S/MIME-compatible email security system is in use).

SecureTier™ Global X.509 Certificate Network

Globally scalable PKI backbone network for managing standard digital certificates from multiple approved CAs and enterprise certificate issuers. Transparent to both users and administrators for seamless operation. Enables inter-organizational secure messaging capabilities with no additional effort or overhead.