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A recognized leader in secure messaging and certificate management solutions, GlobalCerts develops solutions to secure proprietary and confidential information, both in motion and at rest, and to facilitate compliance with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and European Union Privacy Laws. We also offer solutions to give probative value to digitized official documents and new electronic documents while securing all internal communications. GlobalCerts customers include state and local government agencies, healthcare providers, financial institutions, and business enterprises worldwide.

GlobalCerts provides comprehensive solutions that meet a full range of secure messaging needs-including an automatic, transparent, inter-organizational secure messaging product called the SecureMail Gateway. The SecureMail Gateway is a trusted, scalable, user friendly solution to overcome the hurdle obstructing many organizations from deploying a standards-based, secure messaging solution.

Our patented SecureTier is a hands-off, global certificate management solution for key creation, discovery, and revocation and is used in several of our products. No other key distribution and discovery system is as effortless and efficient as GlobalCerts' solution.

GlobalCerts also provides the most comprehensive signing capability presently on the market. This unique multi-level protocol used in UnikSign signatures guarantees not only the identity of the signatory but also its exact function and authority to engage in the company's responsibilities. Last but not least we also offer the Lawfice ultimate intelligent collaborative platform designed by an experienced lawyer and especially made for lawyers, major accounting firms, etc. The Lawfice platform increases the efficiency of your professional staff and provides better control of the numerous projects being addressed.

GlobalCerts is proud to present this unique level of sophistication, well in line with its philosophy of professionalism.

GlobalCerts has built a global reputation for trusted, highly reliable, secure messaging products that are user, network, and administrator friendly utilizing open standards. Healthcare providers, banks, businesses and governments use the GlobalCerts solution to achieve simple and highly cost-effective secure messaging deployments.


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